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2024 | Short | Animation, Horror | UK / PL


Development funded by the BFI. Winner of first prize at AniMarkt Stop Motion Forum 2022.

Supported by CeTA (Poland), and currently out for production funding.



A sleep-deprived young woman must confront the unexpected visitor that plagues her every waking moment and threatens to push her over the edge.


After another night of uneasy sleep, a Bird shows up on Dawn’s window ledge and torments her with its song. At first Dawn tries to ignore the Bird and block its twisted calls from her mind but when the Bird begins to pursue her in the daytime too, it begins to impact Dawn’s life. Her desperation to escape the Bird turns into an obsession and as the its power over her grows, Dawn’s work and relationships irrevocably suffer. She begins to act distant with her otherwise supportive partner, her job as a chef becomes hard to handle as the food starts to transform into various bird parts. Her bedroom begins to change, feathers start growing out of the wall and her furniture grow wings and bird feet. As she gets less and less sleep and becomes more paranoid, reality, hallucination and dreams blend together. She reaches her breaking point and is forced to confront the bird for what it really is.

Dawn Chorus - Concept Art
Dawn Chorus - Concept Art 1.jpeg


Director: Lina Kalcheva

Producer: Michelle Brøndum

Screenwriter: Laura Jayne Tunbridge

Director of Photography: Arushi Chugh

Production Designer: Eva Calland-Waller

Model Maker: Mara Frampton

Editor: Alejandro Liechty

Composer: Oliver Wegmüller

Sound Designer: Zoltán Kadnár

Production Company: Jante Films

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