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CoVRt Operation

UK VR game, 2020

A goofy tongue-in-cheek interactive heist adventure, in VR! When the job goes south and Henchman 697, a rookie employee for E.V.I.L (Evil Villains Incorporated Limited), unwittingly kills his superior, it’s up to him to finish the job before it’s too late!

Starring: Jack Ayres, Fernando Contreras, Jess Nesling
Game Designer & Programmer: Guy Sargent 

Producer: Michelle Brøndum

Screenwriter: Tom Van Overloop & Guy Sargent

Concept Art: Katherine Walking

VFX: Sam Pearson

Composer: Alastair McNamara

Sound Designer: Antoni Rutczynski & Dominika Latusek

Production Company: National Film and Television School

CoVRt Operation

Poster © Charl Van der Merwe