Kiss Chase
UK short, 2020

Kiss Chase is a coming of age story about identity, maturity and belonging. It explores the lengths we will go to fit in, and the ways in which we measure our own self-worth against others' acceptance.

When ten year old Nadine realises that she is the only girl left out in a game of kiss chase she decides to take a leaf out of the popular girl's book and give herself a makeover. While her image overhaul succeeds in capturing her classmates' attention it also catches the eye of teen lothario Danny. When Danny initiates a game of kiss chase with Nadine she finds herself in an unexpected situation she is not prepared for.

Starring: Imani Jackman, James Cutler, Ryan Trevatt

Director: Ebele Tate

Producer: Michelle Brøndum

Screenwriters: Laura Jayne Tunbridge & Ebele Tate

Director of Photography: Ebba Hult

Production Designer: Eva Calland-Waller

Editor: Raluca Petre

Composer: Adiescar Chase

Sound Designer: Dominika Latusek

Production Company: National Film and Television School