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Other Half

UK short, 2021

Other Half is a 12-minute animation fantasy film about romantic relationships and the relationship you have with yourself. Done in a mixed multi-plane style of oil-on-glass, plasticine and claymation, the film seeks to capture an audience of teenagers and young adults, ages fifteen to thirty.

As an Individual Being in a world comprised of Merged Couples, Ren embarks on a hero’s quest to find his other half and become complete.

Starring: John Chisham, Evanna Lynch, Dylan Edwards, Matthew Biddulph
Director: Lina Kalcheva

Producer: Michelle Brøndum

Screenwriter: Laura Jayne Tunbridge

Director of Photography: Ebba Hult

Production Designer: Eva Calland-Waller

Model Maker: Mara Frampton

Editor: Alejandro Liechty

Composer: Oliver Wegmüller

Sound Designer: Zoltan Kadnar

Production Company: National Film and Television School

Other Half - Still 1.jpg