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2023 | 7 min. | VR game, Horror, Comedy | UK

Out for sales.


You are the entertainment for the annual tea party of the world’s most feared cryptids. Nessie has come from Loch Ness, the Chupacabra from South America - Mothman, the Wendigo, and one ordinary guy called Brian have all come from across the globe to enjoy an afternoon of tea and mayhem with this year's host - Dracula. As they shout at you from all sides, you must do everything you can to meet their demands - because if you fail, you’re desert.

Tea is Served - Poster.png


Starring: Tom Wylde, Beatriz Romilly and Euan Dixon

Artistic Director: Lina Kalcheva

Producer: Michelle Brøndum

Lead Designer: Casey Lodge

Programmer: Stephen Glenister

Lead Animator: Leto Meade

Audio Director: Alastair McNamara

Screenwriter: Hannah Kelso

Production Company: Jante Films, Story Futures Academy and the National Film and Television School

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