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2023 | 7 min. | VR game, Horror, Comedy | UK

Currently in production. Release date set for Q2 2023.

In ‘Tea Is Served’ you find yourself as the entertainment for the annual tea party of the world’s most feared cryptids. As they shout at you from all sides, you must obey their bizarre requests until you either succeed and go free, or fail. But beware - if you fail, you might end up as dessert.

Tea is Served - Concept Art
Tea is Served - Concept Art


Artistic Director: Lina Kalcheva

Producer: Michelle Brøndum

Lead Designer: Casey Lodge

Programmer: Stephen Glenister

Lead Animator: Leto Meade

Audio Director: Alastair McNamara

Screenwriter: Hannah Kelso

Production Company: Jante Films, Story Futures Academy & National Film and Television School

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