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2024 | Short | Animation, Comedy | UK / NO / SE


Development funded by the Norwegian Film Institute. Currently out for production funding, with support from the NFI (Norway), Midtnorsk Filmsenter (Norway) and Lyd og Bilde (Norway).

Winner of the Nordic Animation Pitch 2023, and selected for Nordisk Panorama and Animarkt later this year.


A harried thirty something is forced to decide whether she wants to be a mother after unexpectedly giving birth to her reproductive organs at her sister’s baby shower.



Surrounded by babies at her sister’s baby shower, EVA (34) is forced to fend off questions left, right and centre about when she’ll be starting a family of her own. As the questions overwhelm her, Eva’s stomach sears with pain. 
She excuses herself to the bathroom where her flat stomach suddenly swells and she finds herself in labour. Eva pushes and screams as new life is unexpectedly forced out of her. As the pain subsides she finds herself confronted not with a newborn but with OVY, her baby loving reproductive organs.
Mortified, Eva tries to run away but Ovy only pursues her. As they make their way through the town, Ovy does everything she can to convince Eva they should have a baby while Eva does everything she can to convince Ovy there is more to life than being a mum. Little by little they wear each other down and begin to listen to what the other has to say. As they finally see eye to eye, Eva is able to speak her truth.

Ovary-Acting - Concept Art
Ovary-Acting - Concept Art 5.jpeg


Director: Ida Melum

Producers: Michelle Brøndum, Kjersti Greger and Johan Edström 

Screenwriter: Laura Jayne Tunbridge

Editor: Lesley Posso

Production Company: Jante Films, Klipp og Lim and Apparat Film

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